Borrow better

If you have family and close friends who are ready and able to lend, use AddUP's Loan Generator to quickly and easily put the terms in writing.

Make an agreement

Answer a few simple questions about your loan terms to generate a free, customized, plain-English loan agreement and repayment schedule.

Sign online

Securely e-sign and send the agreement to your loved one for their e-signature. You both get legal, signed copies you can save and print anytime — all for free.

AddUP's forthcoming ADU Owner Service will make it simple to repay your loans with convenient deductions from your monthly rental income or auto-drafts from your bank account.

Repay with rent

Raise your goal

Your plans for your Accessory Apartment can make a great story for online fundraising. AddUP's platform can help you tell it.

Launch your fundraiser

Set a goal and quickly personalize your Project Page to tell people what you want to add — income for your family, housing for a parent or child, whatever is driving your plans.

Share with your personal network

Send your Project Page link by email and text message. Share on social media to attract more support.

Receive donations

Fundraising through AddUP is free. The only charge is a standard transaction fee deducted by the payment processor. 


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Bentlard Castle

donated $10,000 on 12/31/18