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Turn extra space

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Many cities now let homeowners make new use of their land by adding a second, smaller living space that they can rent, called an Accessory Apartment or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). It can be new construction, or a basement or garage renovation.

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Make money from your home

Some of your neighbors already earn extra money by sharing their homes, but you may not have room to spare. Building an Accessory Apartment can create a stream of rental income, lowering your net housing cost while likely increasing your home's value.

Adult daughter and senior mother

Build for your family and future

You want to help your parents find a new home that fits their changing needs, or an adult child make their start in an expensive city. Or you want to tap your home's value without selling it, so you can age in place. An ADU is a flexible space you can share today and live in tomorrow. 

Adding in 3 steps

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Determine your options and gather your funds

AddUP will quickly analyze your property's zoning rules and provide a free Feasibility Report outlining what you can build, what it might cost, and what you could earn.

Most homeowners use a mix of loans and personal resources to build. Save available options to your Funding Board to compare rates and fees, and see to it that your total monthly repayments do not exceed your estimated income.


Find your team and build your apartment

Connect with quality, ADU-aware designers and builders through our Pro Matchmaker to receive consultations and competitive quotes.

The designer and builder you choose will work with you to draw up a design, get it approved by your city, and build it. We're here along the way to help you navigate the process.

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Greet your neighbor and receive their rent

AddUP will soon offer services to manage your relationship with your ADU resident, including applicant screening and online rent processing with direct deposit to your bank.

AddUP will also make it simple to repay any loans you use with automatic deductions from your rent, so you never have to think about paying back or getting paid.

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About AddUP

What is AddUP?

AddUP is an Accessory Apartment development platform for homeowners. It was launched by BuildUP, a Public Benefit Corporation founded to create innovative, grassroots solutions to the problem of housing affordability.

Why Accessory Apartments?

Accessory Apartments are a win-win solution for homeowners and communities because they allow you to effectively lower your own housing costs while creating a new home in your neighborhood.

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